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Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter...
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Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter: Rakesh Gupta, Sagar Pareek

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Eat At the Table - Your Life Made to Order
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Eat at the Table is a clarion call to every parent who has ever begged the question, What is happening to our society? This book is my response to that question. I believe strongly that the hectic pace of our modern lifestyles leaves us little time to pour into our children the way parents did in times past. Quality family time has been replaced by quick, on-the-go meals, non-stop text message chatter, and impersonal social media dialogue. All this inconsequential stuff is stealing precious moments we could be using to influence our children and bond as a family. Reading Eat at the Table will expose to you: •The value of creating lasting memories through developing enduring family relationships •The lasting effects of words and how they can alter the destiny of your children and the generations to come •The necessity of coming to grips with your past in order to fully embrace your future •The essence of your true value while teaching you how to value those around you The mealtime table you pass by every day holds the key to bringing your family closer together. It desires to share its priceless wisdom with your family and leave you with lasting memories. To understand the value it holds and unlock its matchless treasures, pull up a chair and relax. Take some time to Eat at the Table.

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