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The Big Tease: A Femdom Tease Fantasy , Hörbuch...
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It can´t be cheating if there´s no touching involved. Can it? His young, flirtatious neighbor April is full of life, dressed to tempt, and at his doorstep. ´´Can I just have some sugar?´´ must be an innocent request. Yet, even the simplest situations are wrapped up in moral turmoil and mental - and bodily - anguish when his wife´s wishes and warnings are continually playing in his mind. But ´´Queen Nag´´ isn´t home right now, and she must want her husband to play the part of a neighborly gentleman. Right?He´s an expert at fooling himself, unable to believe the tight-bodied temptation standing in his own home is anything other than innocent - and just happening to be so petite, pert, and less dressed by the minute. The hunt to locate the sweet sugar April begs to borrow is on, placing this poor husband in one agonizing predicament after another. His arousal is growing to impossibly hard to hide, while April is bending, twisting, and revealing in all manner of provocative ways, more of what´s beneath her scant clothes.It´s April´s constant chatter, her directness, and her game of feigning innocence that are the most dangerous of all. He continually fails to believe that his friendly neighbor knows what her words, confessions, and descriptions do to him, as she shares just what she does with her boyfriend behind closed doors and how she just can´t help the effect she has on the opposite sex. Presumed innocence can be the most arousing temptation of all. When April finally leaves, he´s relinquished more than just a package of sugar.His unwitting introduction to denial erotica and temptation. Her expert, ruthless teasing. Their femdom tease and denial encounter. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Richard L Walton, Ginger Walton. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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